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Design and Engineering

We design our products in accordance with major international codes such as ASME, API, EN, ANSI, JIS, BS, ISO, AWWA, NACE, NFPA, UBC, AWS, and local regulations and standards as requirements from customers, clients and the Owners.

We understand that engineering is the first and the most important step for making optimal and successful of projects so we have been focused on our core business field is design and engineering.

The comprehensive design conception with our knowledge, experiences and innovation from our engineers continuously shall be very valuables and benefits for our customers.

Design and Engineering works in VHE are including the following:

 - Strength Calculation

 - Stress Analysis / FEA

 - Loading Data

 - 3D Design and Modeling

 - General Arrangement Drawing : See Picture

 - Fabrication & Engineering Drawing : See Picture

 - Construction Drawing

 - Purchase specification

 - Procedures, ITP & Manuals

 - Estimation for proposal

 - Technical Consultant Service 

Applicable for the following items of Power Plants, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Desalination Plants, Cement Plants and Industries Plants : 

 -  Plants and Piping Design

 -  Heat Exchanger & Columns, Towers & Reactors

 -  Pressure Vessels & Drums

 -  Storage Tanks

 -  HRSG & Boiler Non-Pressure Part.

 -  Exhaust Systems & Air Cooler Systems

 -  Steel Structures