Supervising is a very important role in project processing. Depending on each project as well as the requirement of each customer is different, we always have seasoned engineers to meet the rigorous requirements of customers. VHE engineers participated in monitoring contractors during the project implementation process. Ensure that customers’ projects always comply with the process, according to standards, and not only catch the quality but also ensure the delivery.

For each stage of the production process, VHE’s supervisor ensures that the products must be tested and quality before being transferred to the next stage.

Consultation and maintenance stages in the process of manufacturing processing:

  • Materials and supplies before processing
  • Inspect the marking, fit-up
  • Welding test
  • Check the product after painting
  • Review and confirm the processes
  • Complete completion records

Some reference images

Insecting dimension

Giam Sat Kiem Tra Kich Thuoc

Inspect pre-assemblies

Giam Sat Kiem Tra Lap Thu

Coating Inspection

Giam Sat Kiem Tra Son

Keeping the delivery date

Giam Sat Nghiem Thu Giao Hang

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