With over 13 years of establishment and development, VHE has made steady and strong strides along with a high growth rate in the field of manufacturing – manufacturing. We always strive to learn and improve constantly, in order to meet customers’ requirements in terms of quality and progress. Our products always meet strict criteria from EU, Japanese, Korean customers. VHE is always committed to bringing value to customers and always accompanies and contributes to customers’ success.

Tankage, Pressure Vessel & Silo

Chemical & Water Tank

Cone Roof Tank, Dome Roof Tank

Spherical Tank

Double Wall Tank, LNG Tank



Spiral Tank

Air Cooler System

Supporting Steel Structure

Conical Box

Plenum Chamber

Driving Support, Fence Guard

Internal Bundle

Walkway, stairway & Ladder, Grating

Air coloer

Standard Piping Pre-Fabrication (Carbon & Stainless Steel Pipe)

Carbon Steel Piping with paint or Galv. (ASTM A106-B, A53-B, JIS STPG370, STK400, SGP,…)

Stainless Steel Piping (S.S304/304L, S.S316/316L)

Alloy Steel Piping (P11, P22, P91)

FRP Piping

BOP Yard Piping

small pipe line

Big size piping by plate rolling and welding

Underground Piping with Scapa tape outside

Above ground piping with rubber lining inside

Cw Piping Tb1 Tpp Pjt 6

Pressure Vessel

Follow  ASME Section VIII Division 1 & 2

Liquid Seal Drum Hsvc1 Pp4 Pjt 1

Steel Structure Works

HRSG and Non-pressure parts

Mechanical Parts and Equipment

Boiler House, Turbine House

Factory Workshop

Pipe Rack

Steel Structure Erectzip

Conveyor System

Junction Tower

Pulley Frame, Head Frame, Take up weight

Support for Piping and cable tray

Deck Plate, Trolley Beam

Stringer, Gallery, Girder, Skirt

Chute with Liner (XAR 500, Ceramic Liner, SUS304)


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