Steel: Transforming Raw Materials into Magnificent Constructions


Steel has historically symbolized the evolution of the modern construction sector. Its exceptional characteristics such as durability, high load-bearing capacity, and flexibility play a vital role in constructing both sturdy and visually appealing buildings.

Viet Han Engineering has utilized them as primary manufacturing materials and has also been involved in construction projects for factories and industrial plants.

The Process from Steel Ore to Construction Materials:

The journey of this material commences with iron ores located deep underground. Following extraction, the iron ore is conveyed to the factory for screening, grinding, and smelting stages, resulting in the formation of liquid steel. Subsequently, the liquid steel is shaped into billets of varying shapes and sizes.

Steel 1

In structure processing facilities like VHE, basic billets are converted into specific details and components based on design blueprints. This intricate process involves various stages like cutting, stamping, chiseling, welding, painting, and more, demanding accuracy and meticulous adherence to technical guidelines to uphold project quality and safety.

Steel 2

Fundamentals for Extensive Projects:

Steel structures serve as robust, load-bearing frameworks for projects. Their impressive load-bearing capacity allows for the construction of high-rise buildings, long spans, and intricate structures that may be challenging for other building materials to support.


Flexibility in processing is also a key benefit. Components and details can be cast on-site and then moved to the construction site for installation, leading to time savings and lower production costs.

Versatility of Steel Structures

The structures find extensive application across various construction domains, including high-rise buildings, bridges, factories, warehouses, as well as residential projects like villas and townhouses. Due to its remarkable advantages, steel stands out as the ideal material for developing sustainable, secure, and visually appealing projects.


VHE specializes in fabricating and erecting structures for factories and workshops. Some notable projects completed by VHE include:

  • Parking System: 




  • Air Cooler System:




The transformation of steel into extensive projects showcases the advancement and ongoing enhancement of the contemporary construction sector. VHE, operating within the industrial domain, takes pride in enhancing the quality of life. We remain confident that the material, with its exceptional benefits, will persist as the preferred material for shaping the future.

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