Glorious Labor – Expressing Gratitude to the Viet Han Engineering Staff


This year’s International Labor Day presents an occasion for Viet Han Engineering Co., Ltd. (VHE) to extend appreciation and recognize the significant contributions made by our dedicated staff and employees in shaping and advancing the company.

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The inception of Viet Han Engineering (VHE) trace back to its establishment in June 2008, initially comprising a modest workforce. Within a span of five years, VHE successfully undertook significant projects catering to thermal power plants, petrochemical refineries, and assorted industrial ventures. The commitment and diligence of each team member contributed to VHE’s ability to deliver esteemed products aligning with internationally recognized standards.

In 2017, marking a milestone achievement, Viet Han inaugurated an office and manufacturing facility in Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, bolstered by a workforce exceeding 200 employees.

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Invaluable Contributions:

It is imperative to acknowledge our employees not solely on International Labor Day but consistently. The current success of VHE can be attributed to the collaborative and dedicated efforts of our team.

Within industrial settings, such as factories, employees often labor tirelessly under demanding conditions. VHE serves as a hub for adept workers and artisans characterized by a profound commitment to producing superior goods for our clientele and partners. They are akin to valiant warriors, instrumental in fostering remarkable accomplishments.

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Additionally, it is essential to acknowledge the significant contributions of the office sector in transforming design drawings on paper into tangible representations. These resources play a pivotal role in the operational process, facilitating progress towards achieving success.

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Human Resource Philosophy: 

The human resource philosophy at Viet Han Engineering underscores the significance of individuals as the most invaluable asset. Our team comprises meticulously chosen professionals who not only possess expertise but also align with the company’s cultural ethos.

At VHE, we prioritize fostering a responsible and positive work environment for all staff members. Encouraging continuous learning, we provide opportunities for employees to partake in specialized courses to enhance their skills. This approach not only enhances our collective contribution to the company but also aids in fulfilling each member’s personal development objectives.

labor 5

In closing, it is crucial to acknowledge that even the smallest tasks play a vital role in progressing our society. The relentless dedication of workers has played a key part in promoting safety and civilization in our communities.

As we celebrate International Labor Day on May 1st, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking staff at Viet Han Engineering. We sincerely hope that each employee is acknowledged and respected for their efforts, finding fulfillment in their committed work.

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