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Viet Han Engineering offers a unique benefit known as 24-hour insurance to its officers and employees. Let us delve further into the specifics in the following article.



24-hour insurance, also referred to as labor accident policy, is registered by VHE for each new employee upon joining the company. This policy aims to provide a sense of security for workers during their employment and safeguard them against potential risks.

Employee Benefits:

  • Extensive Coverage: 24-hour accident insurance shields employees from work-related accidents and occupational illnesses both during and outside regular working hours.
  • Financial Assistance: In case of any incidents during work, employees will receive daily medical expense coverage, compensation for severe accidents, and payments related to occupational incidents, easing their financial burden.
  • Prompt Assistance: Employees will receive timely guidance and support if any issues arise during the process.

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As a business, our priority lies in fostering a safe working environment that ensures the well-being and peace of mind of our employees. Despite our best efforts, the potential for accidents and illnesses remains a constant concern, impacting the health, morale, and productivity of our workforce.

Operating within a high-risk industry underscores the importance of partnering with 24h Insurance to showcase our commitment to safeguarding our employees.

By integrating risk mitigation strategies and occupational safety practices into our operations, we are steadfast in our belief that prioritizing the welfare of our employees will lead to continued growth and advancement.

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