Integration Training Program: VHE On Board 2024


Integration training program is instituted upon the onboarding of new employees to the organization. This initiative aims to address employees’ queries and assist them in acclimating to their roles effectively during the initial phase.

integration training program

I. During the early stages of employment:

The beginning of a new job can be quite challenging for employees. Adjusting to a new workplace, a new manager, and unfamiliar tasks can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. Employees may doubt their ability to adapt quickly and meet their superiors’ expectations. (Vietnamworks)

Nevertheless, new employees typically show enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn about their responsibilities. To support this transition phase, Viet Han Engineering‘s senior leadership supervises the introduction of an integration training program to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

intergration training 1

II. The aims of Integration Training Program: 

The integration training program serves the following purposes:

  • Offering fundamental company information to new employees.
  • Facilitating a smooth and efficient integration into the work environment.
  • Streamlining training duration and associated expenses.
  • Enhancing overall work productivity.

integration training program

III. Core Components of the Integration Training Program:

Understanding the Company’s Evolution

Upon entering a new organization, it is essential for employees to comprehend the company’s developmental trajectory. This encompasses not only the duration of its establishment and the services offered but also its future trajectory. It is imperative for every employee to familiarize themselves with the business’s vision, mission, and core values. Subsequently, they can enhance their skills and capabilities throughout their tenure within the organization.

integration training program

Functions of the department within the organization:

The functions and responsibilities assigned to each department within the company are communicated to new employees. This aids in establishing the organizational framework, carrying out designated tasks, and aligning with their respective roles effectively.

integration training program 3

Project Implementation Process:

Establishing a transparent process right from the initial stages of work is crucial for employees to comprehend their position within each stage clearly. This includes identifying necessary data, completing tasks, and facilitating seamless handovers to relevant departments, ensuring a streamlined workflow up to project completion.

Company Culture:

The significance of corporate culture cannot be overstated in fostering a conducive work environment for all employees. A well-defined culture coupled with a clear understanding of the organization’s operations can enhance communication among colleagues and superiors. This, in turn, promotes more cohesive and efficient work interactions.

integration training 4

Employees’ Welfare:

Tailored to the employee’s position, the company upholds a comprehensive remuneration policy to safeguard the individual benefits and rights of its employees. VHE aims to underscore a sense of responsibility towards employee well-being through the implementation of an integration training program.

IV. Conclusion:

The integration training program, crafted by VHE, is an ongoing initiative set for continuous enhancement in the future. Recognizing the adage that “human resources are an invaluable asset,” the success of VHE is not solely that of the organization but also a collective achievement of each individual within our team.

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