Dinh Vu Industrial Zone: Unveiling the Evolution of Viet Han Engineering.


The Dinh Vu Industrial Zone was chosen by Viet Han Engineering as the site for its production facility and main office in 2017. This decision facilitated significant progress, marking a memorable milestone for our company.

Dinh Vu Industrial Zone


Situated within the Dinh Vu – Cat Hai economic region, VHE benefits from a strategically advantageous location that facilitates seamless business and production operations.

Moreover, VHE’s office and manufacturing facilities are in close proximity to key seaports in Hai Phong, including Hoang Dieu, Doan Xa, Hai An, and Dinh Vu. This proximity to a network of seaports enables VHE to efficiently manufacture and distribute oversized goods. Notably, these seaports are equipped to accommodate vessels of up to 150,000 DWT, ensuring a reliable transportation process for businesses and expedited delivery times.

Khu công nghiệp Đình Vũ 1

Convenient Accessibility:

Dinh Vu Industrial Zone is strategically positioned merely 11 km from Cat Bi Airport and 14 km from the central district of Hai Phong City. Moreover, this site is situated along a vital transportation corridor encompassing National Highway B5, the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, and accessible inland waterways.

Leveraging this advantageous location, VHE can seamlessly and efficiently establish connections across regions, enabling a comprehensive utilization of resources for various operational needs, including recruitment of personnel, transportation of goods, and procurement of essential raw materials.


Khu công nghiệp Đình Vũ


Regarded as one of the most advanced factories in Hai Phong, this facility has been meticulously designed and constructed in adherence to European standards. Situated within the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, it boasts state-of-the-art amenities including modern electrical, water, road, and telecommunication systems, fully catering to the operational requirements of enterprises. The campus is strategically laid out to ensure security, safety, and a visually appealing green environment.

For enterprises with manufacturing facilities, investing in infrastructure is paramount for optimizing operational efficiency, bolstering competitiveness, and ensuring sustainable growth. Strategic investments in infrastructure tangible benefits for businesses.



Leveraging the benefits offered by Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, VHE has effectively harnessed and leveraged its resources to establish itself as a dependable partner in the mechanical manufacturing industry, spanning both domestic and international markets.

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